Has your previous air conditioner brand cheated you badly? Looking for a reliable replacement? We would suggest you go for Midea air conditioners that will prove to be the best buy for you as you decide to utilize the easy installment plan. Midea is one of the most reputed brands if you look at the market of Malaysia.

Why Choose Midea Air Conditioners?

It offers a low noise level and the cooling is fast yet soothing. The statistics prove that they make almost 35 million air conditioners every year and people from almost every part of the world buy aircon in monthly installments. The air conditioners come in the capacity of 1-3 tons along with a 5-star rating. Along with perfect cooling technology, the Midea ACs are known for huge energy saving capability.

Both rotary and receipt compressors are used in these air conditioners which make the ACs more advanced than you can think of. Founded in the year 1968, this brand is serving the world with the finest quality air conditioning systems and will continue to do so. Every year, many Malaysians bring in the most advanced models of Midea air conditioners home and no one regrets their decision.

Does the Price Seem to High?

Are you thinking of the price then? Does it seem to be quite high for you at this moment? Well, you can buy aircon in monthly installments with us, paying a minimum amount of money every month. We have developed amazing installment plans only for our potential customers. We have three models ready for you – Midea MSMA – 09CRDN1 (1 HP), Midea MSMA – 12CRDN1 (1.5 HP) and Midea MSMA – 18CRDN1 (2.0 HP). The average market price of these air conditioning systems is around RM 1000.00, which may apparently seem to be pretty high for you. However, the installment plans we offer will make things easy breezy for you to opt for these models.

Our Instalment Plans for Midea Air Conditioners

We have 12, 24, and 36 months for each air conditioner.
Midea MSMA – 09CRDN1 (1 HP) – RM 79/36 Months, RM 106/24 Months, RM 187/ 12 Months
Midea MSMA – 12CRDN1 (1.5 HP) – RM 95/36 Months, RM 127/24 Months, RM 225/12 Months
Midea MSMA – 18CRDN1 (2.0 HP) – RM 139/36 Months, RM 187/24 Months, RM 331/12 Months

Do these easy installment plans seem to fit in your budget? Well, you are sure to feel great about these lucrative offers that you can make use of without paying a hefty amount of money for neither repairing your old air conditioner nor in buying the new one. The best way to get over with the installation as soon as possible is by choosing the 12 months plan. It will cut down the interest rates you have to pay without making a hole in your pocket.


Those who believe that to buy aircon in monthly installments is going to cost you, even more, are probably misguiding you. Our motto is to save you from one-time payment for something expensive like an air conditioning system yet let you enjoy the cool breeze inside your home or office. Make the best choice of installment with us and stay in the row of advantage.