Buy a Smartphone in Monthly Installments without Credit Card & Guarantor

Got bored with your old smartphone?

Now, you can grab a great deal on smartphones from us. At ANSURAN MUDAH KL, we are letting you buy your favourite smartphone on an easy instalment plan.

Bid farewell to your worries of not getting your dream smartphone just because you are running out of the lump sum amount of money at once. We have all the leading smartphone brands along with their latest models in our collection ready to be dispatched to you without giving you a run on cash.

  • We Have Original Products Only

Clear your doubts about getting baffled with flawed or duplicate smartphones!

We understand the value of what your dream smartphone may mean to you. That’s why we let you buy all the 100% original and quality checked smartphones at a competitive price.

  • No Credit Card, No Guarantor

The only criteria that matter to us are you are a Malayasian, ageing 18+ and you are continuing in any work sector for consecutively 3 months. To buy a smartphone in monthly instalments from us, you will not need any credit card. Also, you won’t need any guarantor to give any guarantee on your part regarding the entire payment. We will just evaluate the basic details and will allow you for the purchase through our easy instalment plan.

  • No Deposit on the First Month

Additional to the mentioned benefits, we follow the policy of ‘use first pay later’. Which means, once you buy a smartphone in monthly instalments from us, we will let you use it first without depositing a single penny. Once you are satisfied, we will start deducting the minimum instalment amount from your account.

  • Fast Financial Approval

We understand how much it is crucial for you to get back your smartphone once your old smartphone has stopped working. So, we NEVER delay financial approval. We work in collaboration with Bank Negara Malaysia that ensures quick approval of your instalment plan so that you can get your dream smartphone as soon as possible.

  • Our Installment Plans are Flexible

When your budget for the smartphone can vary, why not your instalment terms?

We offer you flexible instalment plans that allow you to buy a smartphone in monthly instalments that last up to 36 months. So basically, you can pay for the smartphone you are using for 3 long years. With such flexibility, you will not even feel the pain of your pocket.

  • Prompt Customer Service

We value our customers more than anything. That’s why, besides keeping the instalment plan flexible, we also try to excel in our customer service. You can reach us with your queries on instalment terms, monthly payment modules and smartphone models 24/7. You can even apply for the instalment plan via WhatsApp – 0103415988/0189834341.

Check out our plethora of smartphone brands and apply for your dream smartphone today without a second thought. We will make sure that your money is well spent without making a hole in your pocket. Contact us NOW.