Festivals will be very soon. The sellers and the companies are very soon going to roll out numerous offers in the segments of electronic goods and appliances. With gift bonanza and offers like win millions on purchase of a product worth some dollars, there is another one scheme that people love to opt for. It is an easy monthly installment. It is indeed popular amongst the buyers yet many don’t prefer quoting there is some hidden price or benefits for the seller.

Well, in this write-up, we are going to demystify the associated myths about the no-cost easy installment benefits.

  • Hidden Charges

People believe that such offers are an eyewash for the buyers and buyers are not benefitted directly. Well, this is not true as the easy installment scheme is meant to ensure that every buyer gets an equal opportunity to purchase the product without worrying about their finance.

Take, for example, you have been planning to buy a smartphone for months and have been saving accordingly. But unfortunately, some unforeseen heavy expenses came and you had to spend the saving and thus shattering your dream to buy a new phone. The option to buy a smartphone in easy monthly installments would ensure you continue with your purchase without thinking twice or postponing the plan to purchase.

  • Something to Offer

In any easy installment scheme, it is never the financer that is going to give you extra. Instead, it is always the interest that is waived off.

For example, a mobile phone you have purchased under loan would have priced at the rate of some interest for a particular period of the loan. In no cost easy installment, this interest by the financer is waived off as a discount and at the end of the installment period, you would have to pay only the price of the appliance.

  • Customization not allowed

This is not true. There are sellers that allow customization of the repayment schedule when you buy a smartphone in easy monthly installments. You can either opt for quick repayment with a higher installment amount or a smooth, easy repayment with a small installment amount. Thus, at the end of the purchase, you are surely going to benefit from the option to customize.

  • Not a Cup of Tea for Everyone

Often people think that not all are allowed to purchase the product or appliance on credit. Well, though it is partially true yet, sellers ensure a hassle-free option for buyers to buy a smartphone in easy monthly installments. The ‘too much expensive items would require a more stringent process though. You can easily get finance for the smartphone of your choice.

Piece of Advice

For the buyer, it is always recommended to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly. This would help in understanding the financer’s policies.


Irrespective of whether you buy a smartphone or any other electronic gadget, the easy EMI option has always been handy for the buyers. Such schemes not only help the sellers to get their products sold but also the buyers to ensure that they purchase the items of their need without straining their finance.