Smartphones and laptops are the most popular electronic devices. These have made our work not only easy but ensured we remain in touch with our relatives and close acquaintances even when we are not in the vicinity. Considering these facts, there are several companies that are selling their smartphones and laptops. The market is studded with simple devices to high-end, sophisticated ones. People buy these devices when they are in need or have fallen in love with that device’s look or features. Well, paying the entire amount at once is never possible. In such cases, easy installment comes into act. The financier offers the best rate for the product on the amount that is to be lent to the buyer.

However, offers like an easy installment in  Malaysia does not mean that you will have to avail that. Experts say to look out for the following features before opting for easy installment.

Before Buying Phones

  • Features:

Phones come with different fancy features. Some of them are famous for their cameras while others are known for their powerful RAM and hence have been popular for gaming. For the buyers, it is necessary to make sure that they are choosing just the right model and maker. With popular companies like Samsung and Apple in the market, competition has been tough. Each of the brands has its features and have their own tribe. Hence, if you are the prospective buyer, make sure that you do not regret your selection later.

The sellers offer smartphones in easy installments and thus, your purchase is made easy. However, it is you who would have to decide the validity of the purchase above all the entire amount is going to be paid you.

  • Depreciation Value:

Apart from the features, as a buyer, you need to take into consideration the market value of the device by the time you clear off all the installment amount. When you buy smartphones in monthly installments, the tenure is usually fixed at 12 months, 18 months, or 24 months. It can be even less than that. The financier allows the buyer to choose as per the convenience. The tenure should not put financial stress on you. Hence, if you opt for 24 months of repayment tenure, make sure that you are using it till that time without incurring any extra expense.

Before Buying Laptops

The same applies to the laptop as well. But it differs in utility. When you buy a laptop for a monthly installment, you are going to use it for another 3-4 years after the repayment is over. According to the experts, before buying laptops, you need to ensure the purpose of the purchase. There are models that are dedicated to being used for gaming only, while others are best suited for professional usage. The price of the laptop varies according to the features and brands. Therefore, easy installment should never mean purchasing the high-end model and end up paying with uneasy monthly installments for months.


Irrespective of whether you buy laptops or smartphones on a monthly installment, it is necessary to make sure that you abide by the requirements and utility. Easy installments help you get the best thing and hence, should be used accordingly.