Christmas is just around the corner and it’s a great time to add a new appliance to your house. The purchase should also be as such that it keeps in mind the future needs and requirements. Electrical house appliances are costly and purchasing them at a go might strain a person financially. On the other hand, if a person plans out to do so, he/she would have to save money for years, and saving money is a tough task because no one knows about the unpredictable. Therefore, with all these thought processes in mind, often people back out from purchasing new items during the celebration.

However, there are sellers who assist the buyers in purchasing their items by providing easy monthly installments. If you want to buy a TV in monthly installments, you can do so. But one thing that you need to make sure that the service provider has the right scheme and proper pricing for the same. In addition to this, there are people who buy air-cond in monthly installments. The service providers assist them as well with the right financing scheme.

And what about purchasing both at the same time? Well, we would be looking into this in the following write-up.

With the Right Finance, you can Buy both at a go

Investing at a moment a huge amount, say in this case, in order to purchase both TV and air condition, can be tough financially. But, with the sellers offering lucrative offers, a buyer can now buy TV and AC.

This type of offering is most advantageous for both the sellers and the buyers. In the first go, a seller is able to sell multiple products and earn profit which he could not have had the buyer would have purchased either the television or the air condition.

On the other hand, when the buyer gets to buy a TV in monthly installments, he is relieved of the financial burden at the instance. As such he/she aims for something more and might end up making mind to buy air-cond in monthly installments. Thus, with even less than the price of a product, the person can now eye for ordering multiple ones for home.

How does This work?

The buyers ensure that the financing scheme remains hassle-free. The interested buyer gets to buy TV or buy aircond in monthly installments as per their convenience. Hence, they have the best schemes where customization of the repayment period can be done. This flexible repayment schedule does not put a strain on the buyers.

Some financers get themselves attached to sellers and offer the scheme. They make sure that approval is done instantly and if a person has purchased a TV and air condition then it is handed over to him/her by completing the formalities.


The EMI scheme has helped many households to purchase electrical and electronic accessories and appliances of their requirements. The sellers have been quite helpful in this and the schemes have been lucrative for the buyers. Ansuran Mudah KL is one such seller that has been ensuring an easy purchase of TV, air-condition, sophisticated and smart mobiles, and other appliances and equipment with proper financing schemes. Therefore, you can easily buy the items of your requirements this festive season with the right EMI options.