This is often that people are stuck in a dilemma regarding what to do when it comes to paying for the price of the commodity, like a refrigerator, television, SmartPhones, Plays Stations (PS4), laptops. Whether to pay the entire price of the goods at a go or ask the distributor to convert that into equated monthly installments or EMI spread across a repayment schedule of one year to two years depending upon the commodity price.

Well, for the consumers, the retailers have both options- EMI and one-time payment as well. According to a professional associated with the sale of domestic commodities and equipment like television, refrigerator, laptop, PS4, AC, etc, most people want to have them in equal and easy installment. There are several advantages associated with it. Benefits with one-time payment are also present. However, when you buy a laptop in monthly installments or one-time payment, your entire financial condition of the family depends on that particular decision.

The following are the essential points to take into consideration when it comes to choosing EMI vs. one-time payment–

Are the Installments Interest-Free?

Consumer goods have a higher rate of interest and hence, when you are going with EMI to buy a laptop or television, make sure that the financier provides you with an interest-free EMI. If not, ensure that the interest rate is lower because the total amount you will be paying off at the end of loan tenure would be huge if the interest, as well as the price of the commodity, is large.

For example: Always prefer to buy smartphones in monthly installments. If you are buying any high-end phone, EMI is the best to keep balance with your monthly expenses and overall budget.

Will Installment Make Sense?

The price for some of the products can be paid easily without availing easy installment. In such cases, there is no need to go for EMI.

For example: if you are buying PS4 of simple type, try to pay it on a go. However, if you buy AC in monthly installments then the purpose stands valid.

What will be the Tenure of the Installment Repayment?

The tenure plays a crucial role in deciding whether to choose for EMI or a one-time payment. If the equal installment stands effective and beneficial without digging a hole in your pocket, then it is the best choice. We, at Ansuran Muda, encourage the consumers to go for EMI to reduce the financial burden when they buy laptops, high-end washing machines, and modern television sets. When they buy a TV in simple and installments or laptops in easy installments they are not only able to manage their budget effectively but also ensure other purchases, if required.

Whether there will be any Liquidity in hand or not?

One must not hesitate to go for a zero down payment scheme as this ensures that the buyer has the required money in hand. This will enable him/her to spend on essentials like medicine or other household things without curtailing on the expense even if they buy an air-conditioner for the next summer.

For example: if you decide to buy a refrigerator with easy installments then make sure that the entire price amount has been divided into a total number of months for the loan repayment. Like, a refrigerator of RM. 48,000 should be divided into an equal installment of RM. 2000 to be paid in 24 months.


It is always advised to look for all possible pros and cons of each of the modes of purchase. The best should be selected as per the requirements and financial condition.