There is no better joy than owning your home for the very first time. And, it adds to the joy when you start shopping for decorating the interior of the home. So, have you planned it all for the decorative items? Well, in many cases, the budget becomes the most crucial constraint. You may get so busy in buying the decorative items, the basic appliances can skip your mind.

Whereas, with the facility of the easy installment in Malayasia, investing in the basic yet most important appliances can be a cakewalk. You can easily split your budget and get your home decorated the way you have always dreamt of. This blog is going to inject some ideas into your brain for you to be ready with constructive planning.

Start with a Double Door Refrigerator

Whether you are going to live alone in this new home of yours or shifting there with your family, you will certainly need a refrigerator. To buy a refrigerator with easy installments, you ought to carry ou a little bit of research work, both on the available brands of the refrigerator out there and the sellers who are giving you installment in a fair interest rate.

Different sellers will offer you a wide range of installment plans that you can make use of. The best part of this installment plan is that you don’t have to compromise on the quality or brand. You can bring home the best of the lot out there without emptying your pocket.

Buy an LED TV for Theatre Like Experience

Is it your long saved dream to turn the drawing-room in a home theatre? Well, in that case, now is the right time to make it come true. With the facility to buy tv in monthly installments, you can easily pick the best brand out there that offers the ultra HD quality picture for an extraordinary experience.

Purchasing a TV is probably the best way to prepare your home entertainment setup. A flat-screen television is the best buy as it does not only enhance your viewing experience but also makes your living room appear spacious. You can either go for wall mounting option or desktop option, utilize the benefits of easy installment plans.

Washing Machine with Dryer Should Be Your Next Pick

Last but not the least, the next thing you must include in your new home is a washing machine that comes with a dryer. It saves you plenty of time that you can invest in something more important. Don’t stress over the budget as you can take the advantage of east installment plans out there.

Now, it is easy to buy a washing machine on a monthly installment that will not give you a tough time in payment. Start checking out the latest models of the best brands of washing machines available in the market today and settle down for the best one.


Along with the must-have big appliances, you have to get some other stuff to complete the decoration of your new homes like a vacuum cleaner, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, blender and an easy to maintain cooktop. Plan your budget today, go through the installment plans offered by sellers, and start shopping for your new den.