A lot of people stress on upgrading your laptop instead of replacing them with a new one. Well, that can seem to be a bit of money-saving apparently. However, be it the ease of usage or the pleasure of diving into advanced technology – those can only be achieved when you decide to buy a new laptop. Whether you are enrolling for a new MBA course or joining a new office where you are allowed to bring in your new laptop, you need to buy a new laptop.

However, the laptop does not come with your pocket money of course. Laptops with hi-end features come with a ‘heavy’ price tag indeed. Starting from 2500 RM to 10,000 RM, the price of a laptop in Malayasia differs based on the configuration. However, with our easy installment plan, the price tags will not feel like a burden anymore. You just need to know when exactly is the right time for changing your laptop with a brand new one.
Here are some signs that you need to keep an eye on.

Is Your Laptop Getting Hot Faster?

Then, it’s definitely time for a change. Don’t hurry on this though. Wait for a few days and check whether your laptop is turning out to be a hot oven within 2 hours or not. Well, if it’s happening then probably it’s time for a change. With time, the laptop you are using starts collecting dust and debris. This usually happens due to a lack of internal maintenance. Save yourself from getting burnt by your laptop by utilizing our easy installment plan that allows you to pay a minimum of money per month yet enjoy the best of your new gadget.

It Looks and Feels Bulky

The trend is to go for sleek gadgets, be it smartphones or laptops. Not only the bulky laptops look ugly, but it almost kills you when you carry it in your backpack. Plus, the bulky one makes awkward noise while booting up. So, if the hardware is becoming a problem for you, you need to replace your old laptop with a new one. The price may be a bit higher. But, you can always buy a laptop for a monthly installment from us treating yourself with the best deal possible.

The Performance is Getting Slow

When you are using a laptop, there should not be any compromise with the performance. In case you find out your old laptop to be extremely slow starting from booting to run basic software, it’s probably high time to rethink. Of course, money will not be a big matter when you are dealing with us. And, as laptops are easy to install, you will be able to start using it right from the day we deliver it to your doorsteps.

These are the three most important signs you should never ignore while deciding on whether to charge your laptop with a new one or not. You can buy a laptop for a monthly installment from different brands that we are offering you including Apple, Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and MSI. Choose the best of the lot and enjoy it.