Are you planning to add a washing machine and dryer for your new home? Well, you may get a lot of suggestions from people telling you not to invest in a new washing machine and buy a used one instead. But, the question is, is the second-hand washing machine worth it?
To put things in simple words. No. It’s never worth buying a washing machine for your new home that has been used by someone for you don’t know how many years. And, when there are so many amazing washing machine brands available in the market, why do you even feel the need for spending on something second hand? Is it the money?

Well, in that case, you need to have a huge wake-up call. There are so many options for easy installment offered by sellers that even going beyond your budget to get the best washing machine of the lot will not seem to be a burden.
Let’s focus on this issue a bit more. This blog will give you some pointers that will give you the exact reasons for not buying a used washing machine at all and instead invest in a new one.

Repairing Cost vs Purchase Cost

When money is becoming the most important deal here, you should start by calculating the repairing cost that you may have to bear afterward once you buy a used washing machine. The older the machine is, the more money you will need for repairing the washing machine. And, it’s a recurring process. However, with easy installment in Malaysia for the washing machine, the recurring deposit every month will seem to be less than your repairing cost. So, before you jump into any offer for a used washing machine, consider this fact carefully.

No Warranty on Used Washing Machine

Well, you may get the used washing machine with all of its parts intact and functioning, but there is no guarantee that it will work in the same way after you install it in your home. It may happen with a new washing machine as well. However, in that case, a warranty will cover it. And, you may get a replacement in no time. That’s the reason why some people consider buying used washing machines as a risk.

Used Washing Machine Needs a Lot of Maintenance

And, the new one does not need much maintenance or service at least for the next year. It’s not just only a monetary hazard that you might face but it becomes a big problem to find out your washing machine is not working in the middle of a wash. So, if you are planning to invest in a used washing machine, you better stay ready to face the consequences. Whereas, you can be a smart investor and buy a washing machine on a monthly installment to stay on the profit’s side.
So, these were some of the factors that you need to keep in mind while buying a used washing machine instead of a new one. However, it will always be wise to buy a new one and enjoy its benefits.