iPhone 12 mini – the new kid in the block! People have started calling it a baby phone in a pack or the pocket rocket! It’s evident the size of the mobile has been the talk of the town lately. But, is that it? What is exactly Apple proposing with the iPhone?

Well, in their words, when you are looking for a high-end iPhone in installments and want a smaller size that was a bit old school like the iPhone 7 or iPhone 5S, iPhone 12 mini should be your pick for the coming year. Our fact-finder has also highlighted the ‘m’ in a mini in small letters, whereas in iPhone 12 Pro Max, the ‘M’ in caps. Well, now we know why is it so!

Now, we are giving you some good reasons to make this mobile in your hand in the coming year. We are sure, you will start giving it a thought as soon as we finish.

The Lightest Handy 5G Mobile in the World

This is a true fact indeed. It just weighs 133 gm, at least 30 grams lighter than it’s bigger variant iPhone 12. The surprising fact is, you are not going to find any other mobile in easy installments other than iPhone 12 mini that uses a metal body yet still managed to keep it so lightweight. It is extremely compact with a 5.4-inch screen size which makes it not only the smallest but the lightest mobile in the world right now too.

Backed by Great Hardware Support

Just because it is light in weight and small in size, that does not mean it does not have enough hardware support. Rather, this iPhone in installments has a similar hardware backup just like the other sets of iPhone 12 series. It features the A14 Bionic processor, has a 12-megapixel camera, and the same dual-camera setup that the other iPhone 12 features. You will get 13-15 hours of battery backup as well which is quite good for a phone of this size.

Best Camera Features

Just like we were talking about the camera of this brand new mobile in easy installments, the camera performance is better than you can expect. You can find three cameras in it. There is a 12-megapixel camera in the front, a regular 12-megapixel camera in the rear part with a 12-megapixel sensor. And, then there are another one of 12 megapixels that comes with an ultra-wide-angle lens.

Get it From Us in Excellent Installments

Wondering whether you can afford it or not? Of course, you can do that with our iPhone in the installments scheme. For iPhone 12 mini 64 GB, our plan is RM 157/36 BLN. For 128 GB, it is RM 165/36 BLN and for 256 GB, it is 185/36 BLN. You don’t need to give us any credit card details or pay any extra interest rates. Also, we give you the facility of zero down payment. The deal is simple. So, it’s better not to waste your time and buy the new iPhone 12 mini this new year.