Money-Saving Tips to Follow Before Investing in a Brand New iPhone


If you are one of those people who are planning to buy a new smartphone this year, you have certainly put a thought on whether to buy an iPhone or not. Well, the first thing that probably crosses your mind in such time is, of course, the budget. However, in reality, you can ditch the fear of overspending on an iPhone for a while and rather concentrate on choosing the right model as there are ways to save money with proper planning.


Iphone secara ansuran

Here are some ideas that you can put to use for the same when you are planning to buy an iPhone.


  • Look for a Good Payment Plan


It’s not always possible to invest all the money directly on the iPhone right away. Instead, you can buy an iPhone in instalments. You need to look for payment plans that let you split the sum in instalments with a minimum rate of interest. And also, the payment policy should buy you maximum time so that the money cutting does not bother you much. That way you can enjoy the brand new iPhone in your hands without burning a hole in the pocket.


  • Go for a Previous iPhone Model


Well, we are not suggesting that you buy the first version of the iPhone that has fewer upgrades and updates of course. But, what you can do is buy just the previous version. For instance, Apple is about to launch it’s new models very soon. Be a smart buyer and buy an iPhone in instalments that comes from the same series, but a bit older. iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and even iPhone X will be sold at a discounted price. Wait for the right moment and then place your order.


  • Sell off Your Old iPhone


The market of old iPhone always remains quite high and demanding. So, if you are already an iPhone owner, you can put your old model to use. Sell it in the marketplace or directly to any interested buyer. That way you can earn quite a good amount of money that you will be able to put to use for your new model. The key is to follow the right plan and buy an iPhone in instalments that does not require any down payment. That way, you will be able to save some time in your hands finding a buyer for your old iPhone.


  • Don’t Buy Directly from Apple Store


Apple stores do not provide any discount or sale. However, the various vendors offering the latest models of iPhones often do that. If you are planning to buy an iPhone in instalments, you better look for the right seller. The online market often introduces sales offers, lucrative discounts to attract customers. Wait for them to announce that.




So, here were some money-saving tips for you when you are about to buy an iPhone in instalments. Remember that there are sellers who often sell off fake iPhone models at cheap price. Make sure that you do your homework about the seller as much as possible before investing.