This digital era has made some significant contributions. One of them being the introduction of smartphones. It is this device that has helped us not only to connect people at different parts of the world through voice calls, video calls, or mailbox but also ensured the information and current happenings reach us in a jiffy. The competition of this electronic device has been so much that smartphones from different brands can be seen in the retailer shops. As a consumer, a person has a wide range of available options.

The availability of so many options has left buyers in a catch-22 situation. Every manufacturer claims their product to be the best. And obviously, to sustain the market competition, the manufacturers need not only to ensure that it is available in the most budgeted cost but also to have the most features.
The following are some of the best smartphone 2020 in Malaysia that one can eye for—

  • Smartphones from APPLE

Undoubtedly Apple as a brand has made an irreplaceable space in the mind of smartphone users and lovers. The sleek design, extraordinary features, latest updates, unbreachable security specifications are some of them that have made Apple the apple of the eye for people around the globe. The smartphones from Apple like iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XR are only a few to name. It has various other models.

But, in order to purchase an iPhone, a person needs to shell out a huge amount. But to ease this worry, several sellers in Malaysia offer easy installment provisions to make purchase hasslefree. Check out the seller’s offering, terms, and conditions.

  • Smartphones from XIAOMI

Another name in the list that has become popular in a very short period is Xiaomi. The best thing about the company is that it has everything in its store- smartphones of lower range to a higher range. A buyer has only one thing to do- visit the outlet, make the selection for the model that would best suit the requirement, and purchase.

Xiaomi smartphones are extraordinary in terms of performance, design, color variation, screen size, and specifications. You can also look out for smartphones from this brand. Easy EMI options available.

  • Smartphones from SAMSUNG

Another name on the list is Samsung. It is a brand that has been successfully serving people across the globe. It, too, has some of the exclusive models that are of high end. It is the second most selling brand when it comes to smartphones. The most significant characteristic that differentiates it from others is its touchscreen- feather touch display makes scrolling a smooth task.

  • Smartphones from ONEPLUS

If you are looking for high-end smartphones, then OnePlus can be on your list. The brand has brought some of the exclusive and best smartphones of the year. Its sharpshooting has definitely been an advantage for the photo enthusiasts.

  • Smartphone from ASUS

Asus has been a reliable name in the laptop segment. But, if you are looking for a brand that has the best smartphones in Malaysia then, Asus can be one of the names. It’s some of the smartphones are too good and exclusively meant for daily use.


There are several brands and products available when it comes to Smartphone. It has become one of the fastest-growing sectors. Considering this fact, there is no particular brand; instead, it is all about the pricing, cost, and requirement.