The importance of this tech device by us was understood only during this pandemic. Many of us turned themselves to retailers, dealers, and wholesalers to purchase laptop either to continue with the official work from home or to continue with the learning and make the most of the available time. However, there were some as well, who found it difficult to purchase because of the one-time heavy investment which they could not afford. Their dreams shattered. Retailers turned down their offers because of the absence of a guarantor. 

Well, at Ansuran Mudah Kl, it is always the client and hence our customer-centric approach has not let down any of the people turning to us to purchase a laptop of their dreams.

No Guarantor, 100% Financing!!

Irrespective of the brand and the type of laptop you are wishing to buy, we are going to make it available with you. We offer the buyers with easy and flexible financing that includes the lowest EMI and longest repayment period. With no guarantor, get the laptop of your choice to your house.

What Sets us Apart?

Amidst the presence of so many companies, we are always one of the top choices for the consumers. We have flexible repayment and the lowest amount as our USP. Apart from this, the following are some of the top reasons why we are considered better than the others—

24/7 Service to all clients 

whether you have any queries regarding any of the models or want to know about the price, specifications, or availability, we have the team of experts available 24/7 to cater to all your problems. Call 03 6730 9707 for more details.

  • Wide Range of Stock Available

Whether you are looking for a budgeted model of Dell, HP, Acer, or Lenovo or the high-end from the brand APPLE, we have for you everything. Just visit our store and make a selection of the brand and model you want to buy. We are going to make it available to you at the best financing option and with the convenient repayment time.

  • Quick Approval

If you think that the process of financing is going to be hectic and would take a long time, then you are probably wrong. We have one of the fastest approval processes and our financing organization stands out to be Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

  • Use First, Pay Later

Don’t worry about the purchase if you have made earlier. The laptop you have chosen is going to be yours and won’t stop you from using even though the finance is not approved. We make sure that our clients are facilitated by each small step we take.

  • Genuineness is our Trademark

There can be sellers in the market who deal with a copy of the laptops. Fret not while purchasing at Ansuran Mudah Kl. We are one of the dealers of genuine models. We have zero-tolerance towards this, and this is evident from the fact that we are in the market for years as one of the reputed and reliable sellers.

Get in touch with us for the purchase. We are always there to guide you in the best possible way. We are ready to help you to get your dream item and in installments. Call 03 6730 9707 for more details and quotations.