Many people often give up the hope of sleeping or sitting in a controlled environment when the weather is extreme. The only reason is that the air conditioning units are expensive and the recurring expenses that are incurred. Paying an upfront the lump sum amount might not be as easy as others. Some of the sellers offer the product in instalment only when the purchaser has the credit card. But, is it justified?

Well, definitely NOT!!

Summers are always unforgiving. And so are the winters. In the extremities of the weather, people are often sandwiched. Summers drain away the energy leaving the person sweating and lethargic. This leads the person to not concentrate properly on his/her job. A good air conditioning unit would soothe the ambience and would lead to PURE COMFORT. And perhaps, this is enough to reason out why one should invest in a quality air conditioning unit.

Selection of Air Conditioning Unit

Irrespective of whether you buy an AC unit offline or online, it is necessary to ascertain that the product you purchase matches with your requirements. It should have a proper control unit that would not only take care of the temperature but also ensure that proper humidity is maintained. But, the problem remains, whether one can buy AC without a credit card or not.

Can I?

Yes, you can. There are so many sellers who have different kinds of financing options that would help you buy air-condition in monthly instalment without the use of credit card. Also, these sellers make sure you do not have to pay an upfront amount as down payment or security. They make sure that the product you are buying reaches you at first.

Features of the Financing

The sellers are very much into helping consumers live a comfortable living during the extremities of summers and winters. Therefore, when you reach out to this store to buy air-condition in monthly instalments, you would find several features like—

  • Easy and flexible payment schedule
  • Customisation on the amount to be paid as repayment
  • Flexibility to choose the product of your choice
  • Constant expert guidance and support and many more…

No Down Payment

One of the major concerns that most buyers have while purchasing consumer durables like AC is that they have to pay an amount as a down payment. This down payment increases as the price of the commodities increases. As such, people who buy compromise with the model and bring home an inferior product. But, this is not the case with some of the sensible sellers and they believe that down payment controls the purchasing power of a person. As such, with zero down payment, you can buy air-condition in monthly instalments.

No Credit Card

Loans or EMIs on the credit card can be easily given as the sellers or the manufacturers are sure about the recovery of the money. But, there are ways to deal with this. Provision of EMIs on debit cards has facilitated the process and many sellers are untapping this option to ensure that the buyer gets the best product.


The availability of so many options has opened ways for the sellers and the buyers to try out ways and ease the process of purchase. Even if you buy air-condition in monthly instalments, you need to worry about the repayment as Flexi options have eased down the pressure a lot.