One obvious thing is that without a smartphone, things are going to get tougher. Even after reading this, you are wondering how, then think of the banking on a fingertip, booking a cab at a go, ordering a meal in a minute, or shopping your favourite electronic gadget or dress. Everything has been possible while being at home is only because of the presence of smartphones. As of now, it has become a necessity rather than a craze.

The rise in necessity and consecutively demand has made several smartphone manufacturers roll out models with certain unique features and designs. The price bracket is also huge. If you are one of the buyers of smartphones who want to have the high-end model but do not invest at a go, then equal monthly instalment is going to be the best option. Many dealers and sellers offer their consumers this benefit to ascertain that they get the model of their need.

Deciding to buy a smartphone in easy monthly instalments come with numerous benefits. Some of them are as follows—

  • Release the Financial Burden

Irrespective of whether you are buying the most stylish and advanced model of iPhone or the latest one from Samsung, shelling out the lump sum price of the mobile at a go is never a good idea. At times, it might put into a financial burden. Therefore, the decision to buy a smartphone in easy monthly instalments would help you get relief from the financial burden. Also, you need not cut on other expenses.

  • Buy Anywhere, Anytime

One of the biggest advantages that buyers find about EMIs is that a person need not plan or save big for years in order to buy the favourite model of the mobile phone. The option to buy in EMI can encourage you to buy even within one hour. Therefore, even if your mobile phone is lost or out of order, it is never going to be a moment when you have to live without your mobile phone.

  • Flexible EMI options

Another benefit to buying a smartphone in easy monthly instalments is that there are at times when the financer offers flexible EMI payment period. That is, if you are willing to repay the amount in three months, you can go for that. If you want to extend the duration of the repayment period, you can also change it to nine months or twelve months.

However, the option of the flexible repayment period is subjective and is completely dependent on the financer and dealers. Under special circumstances or occasions, such a scheme is rolled out at times.

  • Need not to Filter your Purchase

It is true that the option of EMI makes a person buy more. Thus, it can be a possibility that if you are to buy a smartphone in easy monthly instalments, you might end up buying more products just because your purchasing power is increased by dividing your repayment period into easily repayable amount.


The above mentioned are some of the common and top reasons why one must always look for the best EMI options while purchasing a high-end product like a smartphone.